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Friday, March 30, 2007

Karma and Quantum Physics !

Law of Karma states that we are stuck in a chain. Of action and reaction. Of cause and effect.
Practically like machines. If cause is known, effect can be predicted. What we are till this moment is due to the cause and effect of what we did till this moment. This way we can trace the past to almost beginning of universe.
Are we machines ? Are we operating mechanically ? Where is the free will coming ?
An interesting parallel can be found in Physics. Newtonian laws apply at gross level beautifully.
Whether it is the earth or sun, moon behave according to a specified law. Like machines they perform their roles.
But at micro level, the order breaks down. At sub atomic level, there is only probability and no predictability. The outcome changes depending the observer. This probably is the clue to various miracles attributed to enlightened beings. They are able to witness events at the quantum level and change the outcome.
Any quantum level change will finally affect the gross universe. But by that time a small correction done at quantum level has effected a break in the chain of Karma. Individual has effected his free will. And this free will starts moving him into new cause and effect chain.
Conclusion : Free will operates at the quantum level, Karma operates at the gross level !


  1. What a beautiful thought and so very true. Super string theory supports that at the sub sub atomic level the behavior of the matter is very dynamic, unpredictable and not conforming to laws of so called proven theories at all. When you argue with the men of science, the argument ends with "This is the theory". Actually the theory appears true only under some specific circumstances, parameters and what is observed is that things are always changing. The circumstances that appeared very true and real then may not be the same in the future or even in the present.

  2. Your thoughts are resonating. I am already your fan.