You are the Light Light of Self -Atmajyothi. Light of Self is Light of the Universe - Brahmajyothi. One who realises The Light of Self Becomes the Light for the World -Jagajyothi. Light of Love, Light of Wisdom, Light of Compassion, Light of Peace, Light Divine.
Purpose of Life : आत्मनो मोक्षार्थं जगद हिताय च- (Atmano Mokshartham, Jagad Hitaya Cha) Self Realization and Welfare of the World

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shiva & Shakti

One of the interesting concepts of divine is Shiva and Shakti. The masculine and faminine principle. The yin and the Yang. Shiva is the consciousness. Transendent and immanent. Shakti is the consort of Shiva. Shakti is energy principle. All matter is nothing but energy and all energy is nothing but consciousness. Everything is Shiva or Shakti whichever way you look at.

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