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Friday, April 27, 2007

Vipashyana Meditation

Vipashyana is an ancient indian technique of meditation. Vipashyana means to see things as they are. We never see things as they are. We see things as we want them. Mental states of attraction or repulsion for certain outcome is the cause for this distorted seeing.
The atraction and aversion are mental reactions to any sense inputs.
To see things clearly as they are one needs to train. It is easier to train the mind at the conscious level and with some difficulty even subconsciously also. It is very hard to handle the reactions at the unconscious level of the mind. Unconscious level of the mind is not really unconscious. It keeps reacting to every sensation. It keeps creating aversion and attraction reaction. These reactions appear as various sensations on the body. Aversion appears as unpleasant sensation, attraction appears as pleasant sensation.
By being aware of sensations in the body, deep rooted subconscious impressions can be dissolved. This is the technique of Vipashyana.
Gautam Buddha used Vipashyana for his enlightenment.

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