You are the Light Light of Self -Atmajyothi. Light of Self is Light of the Universe - Brahmajyothi. One who realises The Light of Self Becomes the Light for the World -Jagajyothi. Light of Love, Light of Wisdom, Light of Compassion, Light of Peace, Light Divine.
Purpose of Life : आत्मनो मोक्षार्थं जगद हिताय च- (Atmano Mokshartham, Jagad Hitaya Cha) Self Realization and Welfare of the World

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wave, Ocean and Water

Suffering due to Duality
A small wave Mr Small on the ocean is worried. There are bigger and bigger waves. How do I survive ? In this very competitive world there are bigger and bigger waves threatening my existence. The wave becomes very stressed and diseased. Seeing this a peaceful wave Mr Guru says, don’t worry my dear. Donot worry my dear. Don’t think you are different from the other waves. We are all waves. Let us do service (Seva) to the other. Donot see differences but see commonality. Thus the small wave started on the activity of Karma Yoga – Service.
Karma Yoga
When the mind of the Karmayogi Mr Small wave is calmed down, Mr Guru comes and says to Mr Small wave. Don’t worry. You may not be big physically as Mr Big wave. But you can definitely grow in mental qualities. You can grow bigger than the Mr Big wave by developing Love, Compassion and wisdom. Karmayogi Mr Small wave asks “How is it possible ?”. Mr Guru Says “Oh it is very simple”. There are many good waves which have come here to help and uplift other waves. They are called Avatars. You are not a wave, but you are part of the bigger ocean. Ocean is called Ishwara – Lord protector, sustainer of all the waves. He is our Master. You can see all the qualities of Ishwara in Mr Avatar and worship him. Look at the wave Mr Avatar. See him. Worship him. Think of his qualities. Imbibe the qualities of peace, love and compassion in you. These practices are called Upasana and Meditation. Now the Karmayogi Mr Small wave starts on the Upasana/Meditation. He becomes Bhakta – Devotee. In addition to Mr Guru wave teaches couple of breathing exercises called Pranayama to the Mr Small wave. These are called Rajayoga practices which will help you to calm your mind.
Bhakti Yoga
Devotee Mr Small wave now is feeling full of joy and feeling of oneness. His emotional disturbance has come down. He has developed some of the very positive qualities of Mr Avatar. Still he feels something is lacking in him. Again he approaches Mr Guru wave. This time Mr Guru wave introduces him to Surrender – Sharanagati. You are thinking yourself as small wave. Best way is to drop your identity – your ego and become one with the ocean. This is called Surrender. You will feel much better. Small wave surrenders to bigger wave. Feels much better. But still uncomfortable due to the turbulence in the see. Again he meets Mr Guru. Mr Guru sends him to Mr Sadguru who will address the problem. Mr Sadguru introduces him to Jnana Yoga. Now Mr Small wave has become a Jnana Yogi.
Jnana Yoga
Mr Small wave now is fully involved in Jnana Yoga practice. He listens to the teaching of Sadguru- Shravana. Internalises the teachings – manana and meditates on the teachings. He thinks himself as neighther wave nor ocean but water. While wave was a jiva, ocean was Ishwara, water is nothing but Para Brahman. One fine day, the Truth of the scriptures, teaching of Sadguru dawns on the wave. Mr Small wave is no longer there now.
Non Duality
Mr Small wave sees every wave including himself as Water only. From the perspective of water there is only water everywhere. There is no other. Everything is water only. All waves were Mithya. Filled with Joy, he approaches Mr Sadguru. Oh Master, it is such a simple Truth. I feel totally free. I have gone through many wave-life times. Suffered a lot. You could have taught me earlier. Mr Sadguru smiles and says – “ Truth is simple and direct. But to understand simple Truth the complex mind has to be purified. Your inner consciousness Chitta is full of impressions of duality. Needs to be emptied. Only then you are eligible for simple Truth. Please remember following truths.”
a). All spiritual Sadhana is in the domain of experiential reality called – vyavaharika. A teacher who focuses on the students with dualistic mind has the challenge of gradually taking away the mind of the student from duality to non duality. Point out the Reality. He often uses the technique of – not this, not this. – Neti. Put in different way, he keeps teaching what you are not – Atatwamasi. He keeps pointing out a Higher Truth which you have not realized. At current level of your evolution you have to work towards it. He speaks from the point of Relative Truth.
b). While an Non Dualistic teacher speaks from the point of view the Absolute Truth. In reality nothing has to be done. No practice, no Sadhana nothing needs to be done. All that you have to know that you are the water – Chetana – Tatwamasi.
These two systems work beautifully depending on the level of evolution of the person. Premature teaching of Absolute Truth for a person who has not acquired

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