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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From Instinct to Illumination and Enlightenment

Instinct is a set of programmed behavior. Based on circumstance, instinct determines the action to be taken. For example a donkey is bound to kick if somebody goes behind. Instinct is plain reaction for a given situation. When we act mechanically, whether it is getting angry or jumping with joy, we are working with instinct. We live our animal nature when we live purely by instinct. Instinct is required for survival. Without instinct survival becomes impossible. One who operates out of instinct alone can be a brute/ruthless.
Inputs from sense or mind >> Reaction.

Intellect brings the element of choice in responding to situation. Based on the circumstance, intellect can chose set of possible responses possible based on logic. When we exercise intellect, we are using our human abilities. For example a donkey does not have the ability to stop kicking somebody behind. Human beings have the ability to reason out and stop an instinctive action. All the advances in science and technology are due to intellect. One who operates out of intellect can be a human.
Inputs from sense or mind >> reasoning >> thoughts >> Action.

Many times there is a deeper understanding of the situation be in business/profession or any other area of life. This is because of sharpening of the intellect due to repeated applications. Insight can be related to the world or spirituality. One who operates out of insight can be called expert.
Experience in application of intellect >> insight >> thought >> action.

While instinct and intellect require data from the sense organs or mind, intuition does not require any such data. Intuition is the higher faculty. Many fundamental discoveries in science happened out of intuition. Intuition brings about original thinking. Deeper realization in domain of spirituality are based on intuition. One who operates out of intuition can be mystic.
No data >> Intution >> thoughts >> Action.

Inspiration can be two types – external based on the observation of extraordinary thing outside or internal guided by the Source (Atman/Self) within. While external inspiration is based on the power, internal inspiration is based on Love, compassion, wisdom.
External/Internal inputs >> inspiration >> thought >> Action

When intuition about ones own nature – self and nature of Higher reality ( Source/God) dawns, there is a deeper transformation. Most of the actions of such a body mind complex are based on the inspiration from higher source. If the ignorance causing feeling of separation from the source is totally destroyed, such a state is called illumination. One who operates out of illumination is a saint – Mahatma.
Intution of Nature of self/Higher reality >> destroys ignorance >> inspiration >> Action.

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