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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jnana Bhumika Seven Stages of Enlinghtenment

Seven Stages of Enlightenment - Jnana Bhumika as per Varaha Upanishad

The seven bhumikas belong to the path of Jnana Yoga. They describe stages of growing spiritual realization, starting from the mere desire for truth to the final state of superconsciousness, the realization of Brahman.

They are:
1). Subechcha - Deeper Desire for enlightenment/liberation leading to study of scriptures/company of spiritual aspirants (Satsangh)
2). Vicharana- is the enquiry into nature of Self and non self.
3). Tanumanasi -Settling of the mind due to enquiry. Mind becomes calm.
4). Sattvapatti - Mind becomes full of Satva - Purity - serenity due to spiritual practices. Deeprouted vasanas/impressions disappear.

5). Asamaskti - Complete detachment because of centering in Self. The person is able to perform actions living in the world.- Stage of Jivanmukti.
6). Padartha - Being immersed in bliss of Brahman, the jivanmukta is unable to perform worldly actions by himself/herself.
7).Turiya - Persons conciousness is merged fully with Brahman. World is not experienced seperate from Brahman.

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