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Friday, December 26, 2014

Experience of Non Duality in day to day life. (Advaita Anubhuti)

    What is experience of Non-duality ?

     Non-duality means not two. We see multiplicity all around. We can see so much of difference all every where - living, non-living, matter, consciousness. Does experience of non-duality means - all these differences vanish ?

Experience of Non-duality in day to day life : 

  • Let us look at our body. We have five fingers - obviously they are separate and different. But all of them are the part of hand. There is oneness of hand behind different fingers. 
  • Let us look at the objects in the world. There is a seperation between seer and seen. When you look at the tree, tree is separate from you. Where is the seperation ?  Where does the tree begin and and end. Light from the tree enters into the eyes and forms a image in the retina. This image is converted into biological impulses in the brain for interpretation. Where is the tree really ? Out there ? Where is the seperation between Seer and Seen ?
  • Similarly where do you draw seperation between the one who hears-hearing-source of sound ? 
  • This is true for all our sensations - touch, taste,smell, sight, sound. Where do you draw a  line and say this is where the sensation starts and this is where it ends.
  • Where is the boundary between one country and other country - only in map and human mind.
All the experiences - subjective and  objective happen in consciousness. Objects seen, and experiences like touch,feel, .... taste etc all are happening in consciousness. Consciousness and objects of consciousness are called Shiva and Shakti.  Shiva and Shakti are one.  This is the realization of non-duality.

Is Non-duality Special experience necessary ? 
  •  Non duality is a day to day living experience. It is a natural experience. It is not a special experience. 
  • For example all of us know that earth goes round the sun. But our day to day experience is to the contrary. Sun is going round the earth as per our experience. But deep in our heart we know that this experience is not true. It is the earth going round the sun not the other way due to our understanding based on principles of Science. 
  • Similarly when we are going through the experience of life of diversity, we can live in non-duality with our conviction derived from the spiritual teaching of Vedanta. 
  • Don't wait for special experience of non-duality but live with the conviction derived from the teaching of Vedanta - bring non-duality into our day to day living. 
  • There is no need of special experience called Non-dual is necessary but conviction in teachings of Vedanta is necessary.
  • Live with a conviction that  All that is there is Consciousness. 
How the life will be different with the conviction of Non-duality
  • When everything is part of  one whole,  Universal love, compassion blooms in heart. 
  • With that comes the attitude of service. Serving the creation.
  • Conflicts within mind vanish.
Special Experience of Non Duality :
  • There are cases of Individuals experiencing non-duality. We call them Sages/Saints. Spiritual practices lead to this experience of non-duality. 
  • Spiritual practices lead to deeper silence of the mind. Silent mind is able to perceive underlying unity. 
  • Meditation helps in direct experience of non-duality. 
  • Deep routed belief systems about seperation from the existance has to be dropped. This can be done through conteplation on spiritual truths of Upanishads.  Dropping of unconcious beliefs about seperation is essential for direct experience of non-duality.
  • Ocean is tuirbulent at the surface. As you go deeper, there is deep silence. Similarly mind which is contemplative and meditative reaches deeper level of conciousness to experience Non-duality

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