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Friday, March 23, 2007

Zen Breathing practice - Navel Chakra

Literally, “wheel” in Sanskrit. Meaning, “energy points.”

Focusing on the Chakra

When we meditate, we focus ourselves completely
onto a particular chakra is "Focusing on the
Chakra". Through this power of concentration, we
can turn all other random thoughts into one
singular force. Other than the feedback from this
particular chakra, we shall feel no pain, soreness
or numbness. Therefore if we can really focus
ourselves, we can surpass all pain. Furthermore,
the original potentiality embedded in your organs
can be enhanced due to this energy focus. This is
the true development of our "hidden potential".
When we focus on a particular chakra, this chakra
will eventually transform based on the level of our
concentration. It can strengthen our organs and
glands, because it can turn this energy into electricity or light.

Navel Chakra

The very first thing we need to know is “What is chakra?” A Chakra is an energy point
in our body. Think of the acupuncture, the needle is not to be placed just anywhere; it’s to
be placed only at energy points. Biologically, each chakra points to our important organs,
glands, nerve bundles, or energy channels, where our bio-electricity is produced. By
observing and focusing on these chakras, we can strengthen our organs and glands, and
improve our hormone secretion, metabolism, immune system and nutrition absorption.
Among all the chakras, Navel Chakra is the most important one in our body. First of all,
Navel Chakra represents the beginning of our lives. It is through this navel that a fetus
absorbs nutrition and oxygen from his/her mother. Second of all, Navel Chakra is closely
related to all other chakras. If we consider all the charkas as “switches” to turn on the
energy in our body, then Navel Chakra is the main switch. Therefore, if we can relate to our
Navel Chakra well, it can channel our energy to all other chakras. So when we focus on our
second chakra, it can quickly respond to us.

Although Belly Breathing and focusing on Navel Chakra sound very simple, these
basics are the most important.

Turtle Breathing

�� Benefits
This exercise benefits the spine and reduces your discomfort of your neck, shoulder, and
back. It also helps you to do Belly Breathing better. It induces sweating and enhances
�� How to do?
First, sit up straight in a posture for Sitting Zen. Put your hands naturally on your knees.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale while bending down. Remember to tuck
your chin right before bending down. We bend down with one vertebrate at a time and
finally the spine is curled. Then inhale while sitting back up with your spine straight. This
forms one cycle. Slow down and prolong your breathing as much as possible. You should
not hear any heavy breathing. Adjust to your own pace while performing it. Don't hold your
breath. If your breathing is not sync with the movement, take a break to adjust your
breathing. Do not rush through each cycle. And do not hunch your back. Completion of 10
continuous cycles indicates good breath control.

Recommended home practice:

Turtle breathing (5 cycles) �� Belly breathing (5 mins) �� Navel Chakra (10 mins)
Practice daily at the same time same place!

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