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Friday, March 23, 2007

Zen Meditation - Focus on Zen Chakra

Zen Chakra

Zen Chakra is located at the center of the 3rd ventricle of brain or 1.3 inches below the center
of the crown. By focusing on Zen Chakra, we can let the brain rest completely and further
nourish and refresh our brain. From Buddhist point of view, Zen Chakra represents the level
of Buddha and is the purest chakra among the ten. Therefore, Zen Chakra is the source of
wisdom and universal life force. By focusing on Zen Chakra, we can reconnect ourselves to
this universal life force. A common sensation while focusing on Zen Chakra is a swollen
feeling. You may feel something heavy at the center of crown. This sensation may be very
strong and some people may feel uncomfortable at first. However, these are all very good for
us. Once you get used to it, you’ll enjoy the pure energy from Zen Chakra. This energy can
effectively help you get rid of wandering thoughts and also the feeling of pain and soreness
in legs or lower back.


Q: Why do we need to concentrate on a chakra to “turn on” the energy?
A: Have you ever tried using a magnifying glass and sun light to burn a piece of paper? Our
concentration is like the magnifying glass. The piece of paper is like our Chakra. Now you try
to energize the Chakra with the magnifying glass, which is concentration. Like the flashlight,
it is the brightest when the light is focused on a point. Therefore, when we concentrate on
the Navel Chakra, we need to completely focus all our attention. Then, like being focused on
by the sun, you shall feel warmth. Then Qi (or Chi) will be generated from this warmness.
Q: What are some techniques to help concentrating on the Navel Chakra? Why
do I have difficulty doing it?
A: Generally, beginners cannot do it well and can only concentrate on the surface of the belly
button. What you can do is trying to hold your breath for 1 or 2 seconds and see if you can
feel warmth around the belly button? Or do you feel vibration? Then the location with these
feelings is the Navel Chakra. Or, you may lie on your stomach and put your fist under the
belly button and try to feel your Navel Chakra.

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