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Purpose of Life : आत्मनो मोक्षार्थं जगद हिताय च- (Atmano Mokshartham, Jagad Hitaya Cha) Self Realization and Welfare of the World

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Call for Spiritual Sadhana - Ratha Sapthami

Ratha Saptami festival is celebrated on the seventh day after the beginning
of Uttarayana Punya kala.

a). What is the religious signficance of Ratha Saptami ?
Ratha saptami is prayer to Surya Narayana- Sun God. Sun God is drawn by a
chariot having 7 horses representing 7 colours/7days of week and wheel
having 360 spokes representing days of the year.

b). What is the spiritual significance of Ratha Saptami ?

This body of ours is called Brahma Ratha. The Vehicle of Brahman. The deity
who rides in our body is the Narayana himself. Seven represents the 7
layers of the body. Mind is represented as horse.

c). What is the message of Rathasaptami ?

Ratha saptami is celebrated 7 days after the Uttarayana Punya kala.
Uttarayana reminds us of the spiritual paths available to us for liberation
- Archiradi Marga, Dhumradi marga and Jnana marga. Rathasaptami is a
reminder for us to start our practices, work on our spiritual practices of
spirituality. To start our Ratha, our Vehicle.

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