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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Need for Sadguru in Spiritual Life

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwaraha
Guru Sakshat Para Brahma, Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

Sadguru - Enlightened Master who is one with Para Brahman is compassionate like Vishnu, Embodies the wisdom of Brahma
and with the qualities of Maheshwara destroys the ignorance and shows the path of liberation. We bow to Sadguru.

1. What is the meaning ofGuru?

Gurumeans teacher. Gu stands for darkness. Ru stands for destruction.
One who destroys darkness of ignorance is calledGuru.

2. What is the difference between any Teacher and Spiritual
Teacher ?

There is difference between skill for living and life skills. Skills
for living includes learning science, engineering etc. Teachers are
required for this.

Spiritual Teacher gives life skills. Living the life skillfully.
Without getting hurt in life.
This skill is already there within us. Spiritual teacher guides and
brings out the inherent capability in us through destruction of our
ignorance. In general we can say any we can learn skills for living
from teachers and through spiritual teacher we can unlearn negative
patterns of behaviour thinking in us so that inherent wisdom shines
forth. HenceGuruin Sanskrit described in negative term –Guru–
Destroyer of Ignorance.

3. Can I make progress in spiritual path without help ofGuru?

The progress is possible. But it is slow. Did we learn anything in
life without a teacher ? Any life skills ? For example –cooking,
cycling, science, engineering ? How easy it will be to learn these
subjects without a teacher ? Learning skills for living itself
requires a teacher. How can someone learn life skills without a
teacher – withoutGuru.

4. It is said thatGuru is every where ? How is it possible ?

We are speaking of Guruprinciple. Like principle of Gravity. Gravity
is everywhere. Gravity pulls everything to earth. SimilarlyGuru
principle guides everyone towards higher and higher level of self
awareness. From stones-plants-fish-animals- human beings self
awareness is increasing. This is theGuruprinciple which guides to
this evolution. Hence it is said that – “Akhanda Mandalakaram vyaptam
yena characharam” – Principle ofGuruis everywhere.

5. How many Gurus are there ?
We have infinite number of Gurus – Mother is the firstGuru. Father,
friends, friends, colleagues, nature, teachers all are Gurus. We learn
something from them.

6. Who is spiritualGuru?
One who instructs in the path of Yoga.- Yoga of action – Karma yoga,
Yoga of emotion – Bhakti yoga, Yoga of wisdom- Jnana Yoga and yoga of
Energy – Kriya yota. For a human being all the four are needed. Hence
it is called Purna yoga.

7. Who is Sadguru ?
Sadguru is enlightened master. One who has already reached the shore
of Yoga. One who has crossed the ocean. One who is already Self

8. What is the difference betweenGuruand Sadguru ?

While Gurus are infinite, Sadguru is only one. Gurus are able to show
the spiritual path. Instruct about spiritual path. It is only Sadguru
who is able to help some one to complete the journey. It is like
saying – there are students in primary, high school, college and
doctorate. The people who instruct someone in the process of Yoga are
like teachers in primary, middle school etc. Sadguru is one who helps
complete the spiritual journey. May be like a guide in Phd.

9. Can I learn spirituality from books ?

Books are definitely help. But personal guidance is important. Can we
learn cycling by reading books ? or perhaps swimming by reading books.
Can someone learn surgery using books ?

10. Is it necessary to have a living Master ?

There are no dead Masters. Be it Buddha or Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
there are no dead Masters. Masters energy lives. Masters guide through
the wisdom. Masters inspire and give direction. But living Master is
very important for spiritual Progress. It is more like learning
surgery/cycling. While past Masters in Surgery can inspire you, a
living Surgeon is required to learn the skills. Same applies in
spiritual life.

11. Why it is necessary to have a living Master ?

To learn spirituality, two way communication has to take place between
the student and the Master. Instructions, cross checking of
understanding, reflecting, guidance have to take place. Spiritual
Truths being very subtle, there is a great chance of
misunderstanding. A persona relationship and bidirectional
communication is absolute must for making progress.

12. WhyGuruis given more importance than God in India ?

“Guruaur Govind Khade Samne Kisko Jhukaye shir ?” so said Kabir. If
God andGurustand infront of me whom should I respect first ?Guruis
respected first because I cannot recognize God. Eventhough everyone
knows that God is omnipresent – present everywhere, we have no
experience. It isGuruwho shows the nature of God. Hence I

13. How do I find Sadguru ?
It is like a primary school kid asking how can I know one who has
completed Phd. There are no external marks for a enlightened being –
Sadguru. Enlightenment is a deep inner achievement. Unless a
enlightened being takes up teaching and becomes famous, there is no
way one can recognize Sadguru.

14. I have found my Sadguru. But still I am not making progress ?

In todays world of mass education, spiritual education also has become
mass based. One teacher having large number of students. Spiritual
progress requires close monitoring, guidance and personal touch. You
have found your Sadguru. But has Sadguru accepted you as student ? It
is like a boy saying I love a girl. But for marriage, girl also has to
accept the boy. A two way communication is required in spiritual
path. Is this happening?

15. I do not have personal communication with myGuru. But I get
In the initial level of evolution, personal guidance is a must.
Otherwise, inner guidance gets corrupted by our own biases, tendencies
and vasanas. There is no way we can distinguish between spiritual
truth and subconscious chatter. However, innerguidance works very
well as one advances in spiritual path.

16. Who is my Sadguru ?
Sadguru is only one. Since he is established in God conciousness, God
alone is Sadguru. There is only one Sadguru. But for you the
enlightenment happens through one person. The message of God gets
delivered through one body mind. That is your Sadguru.

17. How do I know whether I have met my Sadguru ?
Your spiritual quest comes to an end. All your spiritual questions get
answered. You will have deep clarity. All bondage comes to an end.
Light of wisdom shines in you.

18. Tell me about Gurus – Spiritual teachers ?

Our first level ofGuruis one who puts on spiritual path. It may be
my friend or relative. Who inspires us to tread this path. It may be
past masters like Buddha. Next level of teachers are those who teach
scriptures like Bhagavadgita. Those who give discourses bring us
understanding. Higher than these teachers are the enlightened ones –

19. Tell me about lineage.GuruParampara.

In India there is a stress onGuruparampara. Lineage of masters. It
is recognized that wisdom requires transmission of wisdom from one
living master to another. It is like learning music. One person has to
teach other. An unbroken tradition is required to learn.

20. How does a Sadguru teach ?
Sadguru teaches by being living example. He instructs through
scripture. He uses techniques – yukti to teach. Various teachers
different types of techniques. The teaching technique varies from one
teacher to the other.

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