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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Guru Parampara - Tradition of Gurus

What is Guru Parampara ?

Guru Parampara is a tradition of Master-Disciple relationship. The relationship between the master and disciple is very intimate one. Guru imparts his wisdom to disciple with love and care and makes sure that whatever wisdom he has imparted has been properly understood by the disciple. While student serves the Master, Master moulds the student through verbal and non verbal instructions, assignments and tests. Like a light can light another lamp, the wisdom of Master lights up the intelligence of the student and brings about enlightenment.

When did Guru Parampara start ?

Nobody knows when did the Guru Parampara start. The tradition of Guru Parampara is time immemorial. Interestingly the sankrit verse which every student respectfully before starting his daily studies traces the Guru Parampara to Supreme Lord Narayana.
Guru Parampara begins with Daiva parampara - Divine Parampara. Starting from Narayana. From Daiva Parampara, the tradition passes on to Rishi Parampara. Tradition of enlightened Seers of Vedas. Human tradition or Manava Parampara follows. Sloka for respecting Guruparampara involving Daiva Parampara, Rishi Parampara and Manava Parmpara is given below.
The verse above salutes the Gurus starting from Narayana, Brahma, various Rishis like Parashara, their disciples, Shri Shankaracharya and His Disciples. In the second verses, the unbroken tradition of Gurus starting from Sadashiva, Shri Shankaracharya and contemporary Gurus is respected.

What is the importance of Guru Parampara ?
For spiritual upliftment, it is very important that one should have enlightened Master. Scriptures and Books on spirituality can at best create interest and provide some guidance to a spiritual seeker. Sincere seekers of Truth need the wisdom of enlightened Master to realize the truth. This is more akin to learning a musical instrument say – Veena. No body can learn a musical instrument without help of a teacher. So is spirituality. Guru imbibes the spiritual Truths enshrined in scriptures. He is living scripture. Disciple learns and imbibes spiritual Truths by serving the Master who is embodiment of the Truths outlined in Scriptures. In the presence of the Master, invisible becomes visible. Impossible becomes possible. That is why Shri Kabir Das in one of his poems sang the importance of Guru.
“Guru Aur Govind Khade Samne, Kisko jhukaye Shir ?”– If God and Guru stands infront of me, whom should I respect first. Immediately, Shri Kabir Das answers himself. Obviously, Guru has to be respected first since it is Guru who shows God.
What is the importance of Unbroken Tradition of Guru Parampara ?
It is important that the wisdom flows from Master to student in an unbroken tradition. While knowledge can be transferred through writings, wisdom requires a living Master to pass on the wisdom to the Disciple. In the absence of such continuity, the essence of spiritual wisdom can be lost, corrupted and misunderstood.
How is the tradition of Guru Parampara unique to Sanatana Dharma ?
Sanatana Dharma means the religion which has no beginning and no end. Religion whose beginning is lost in timeless eternity. While many of the Worlds Religions have founders, Sanatana Dharma has no founders. Like many of the modern day scientists who discovered many fundamental principles of Science, spiritual scientist of yester years called Rishis discovered fundamental principles of Inner Science - Science of Self Realization which alone can lead one to True Happiness and Peace. Sanatana Dharma stresses the importance of everyone realizing the Divine Self within. The birth as human being is very precious and should be dedicated to finding the Truth. To help seekers on the path, Sanatana Dharma stresses the importance of Guru Parampara – a tradition which can preserve the essence of spirituality in truest form through tradition of Masters -through the system of Guru Parampara.

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