You are the Light Light of Self -Atmajyothi. Light of Self is Light of the Universe - Brahmajyothi. One who realises The Light of Self Becomes the Light for the World -Jagajyothi. Light of Love, Light of Wisdom, Light of Compassion, Light of Peace, Light Divine.
Purpose of Life : आत्मनो मोक्षार्थं जगद हिताय च- (Atmano Mokshartham, Jagad Hitaya Cha) Self Realization and Welfare of the World

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Universal Being

The Source of existence is called Brahman. Brahman is the substratum of the Universe. Every living and non living being has come out of Brahman. Brahman is beyond, body, mind and intellect. Brahman is Pure Awareness. Brahman reflects as Witness - Sakshi in all living and no Living Beings. One who has dropped all identification with the body mind complex and realized that he is the Witness - Sakshi becomes Universal Being. Such a Universal Being has Universal Outlook beyond all sectarian concepts - of culture . Such a person is called Brahman in sankrit. One who has become one with Brahman. He/She has Divine Love ,Compassion and wisdom. Glory of such a being is sung in Vedic literature "Go Brahmana Hitaya Cha Jagad Hitaya Krishnaya Govindaya Namo Namaha. Let us pray to Lord who is known as Govinda (keeper of cows). Govinda also means one who is known through Go (root word Cow). Cow stands for Kamadhenu - Celestial Cow - Wisdom of Vedas. Go Brahmana Hitaya - one who protects the Universal Wisdom ( Go), mother Cow (Go) and all Brahmanas - Enlightened ones.

Cow is revered as mother providing nourishing milk which sustains life and body. While Brahmana - Universal being is reverred as the giver of nourishing milk (Go) of the Universal wisdom of Vedas. In one prayer, the animal cow, the celestial cow - Vedic literature, and the enlightened being Brahamana is reverred.
In this prayer four aspects are covered.
- Go Hita - representing the animal cow - which nourishes the body through milk like mother.
- Go Hita - representing the Celestial Cow - Kamadhenu - another name for Vedic wisdom which is truly Universal in nature.
- Brahmana - representing the Enlightened being who provides the milk of Wisdom which nourishes the Soul and leads to Amritatva - Liberation. Brahmana here is not any community but a Universal Being - enlightened one who lives in Truth.
- Shri Krishna - protector of cows (animals), protector of cow (Vedas), protector of enlightened one (Brahmana).
- Govinda - one who can be known through the Vedic literature.

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